3. Condencity

Spring 2019
Instructor | Justin Diles
Partner | Ally Hutchison

exterior perspective


Condencity answers the question of how to make multi-use towers that are used by everyone and not just tenants. Design a tower similar to how you would design a street. The street is a democratized zone owned by no one and therefore used by everyone. Along a street, while there may be private buildings, there are plenty of zones for social gathering. To achieve this within a tower, the vertical circulations are open to all who enter.
Along this vertical path, there are social condensers, similar to public squares along a major thoroughfare. These condensers contain program such as a cafe, daycare, terraces, meeting rooms, and more. Visible to the general public outside by the vibrant orange ceramic frit color, these areas are made to attract all to enter.

condensers and circulation

public vs private

sun shading ceramic frit

Formally, these condensers are created by pushing areas of the glass facade inward. This push is evident in section, as the ceiling of the condensers fillet to meet the original bounding glass. Along with being publicly programmed spaces, these condensers act as light canals. As the units penetrate into the floor plate, light is allowed to travel deeper into these leased office spaces.
Furthermore, as these leased office spaces wrap around these social hubs, the office goer is enticed to enter these spaces as part of their daily ritual. Creating opportunities for socialization beyond those just within their own corporations.

model view of leased office

model view of condensers

model view of circulation

interior perspective

interior perspective