4. Energy Research Lab

Spring 2019
Instructor | Justin Diles

exploded isometric


This project was created for a site on The Ohio State University’s campus. It is meant to house not only researchers, but classrooms and auditorium space for students as well. Other programmatic requirements included a cafe, meeting rooms, and general study areas that are loosely programmed. One of the main features of the project is the circulation organization.

exterior perspective

To assist in the procession through the building, there are tubes meant to take you up through the building. They are meant to act as way-finding as they are visible targets on the floor plates. Another important feature are the large square windows. They are meant to provide as much light as possible in the space to minimize the need for artificial lighting. There are more openings on the bottom floors and less at the top where labs are housed.

circulation tube diagram

model view of interior
site plan

model view of circulation core and tubes